Why Design Your Own Perfume?  

 Perfume is an intensely personal choice, a beauty essential that symbolises the essence of who we are and translates this to others in a uniquely intimate way- people look at our clothes, but they actually inhale our perfume...

By creating your own signature fragrance you are taking control of the image others have of you, you are becoming a bespoke creation, an individual, rather than a consumer of the thousands of "off the peg" commercial fragrances...You are assured, confident, with your own uplifting and delicious aura.

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You can express your individuality.


The rich and famous often pay thousands to have their own signature perfume created for them. It is a truly luxurious thing to do. However, it needn't be so expensive!


Here at Designyourownperfume.co.uk you can design a bottle of your own perfume for a much more reasonable price. And what's so special about joining the herds of people who already own that “off the peg” fragrance anyway? How much more luxurious to possess your own one of a kind perfume, which no one else in the world will be wearing! 

Perfume preferences are a very personal matter. Like “off the peg” tailoring there is no “one size fits all” solution.


Perhaps you have one or two very select commercial fragrances which you like, but have yet to find your perfect perfume?


By designing your own perfume you can mix and match to your hearts content- creating perfumes with the pure notes of your favourite flowers and essences. If you love lilac for example, it is very tricky to find a perfume that just showcases those beautiful delicate notes, but if you design your own perfume- that’s no problem at all! You could mix a little lilac with some mouth-watering vanilla and just a tiny splash of freshly squeezed lime, and voila- your perfect summer perfume.


You might just want a “one note” perfume.

Commercial perfumes are so chock full of many different fragrances that often the finished creation smells nothing like the individual notes it contains. This means that if you are looking for a perfume that simply smells of one or two individual flowers or essences it can be hard to find.

If you have an all time favourite flower, you might just be looking for a very simple perfume that just smells of that one note. That’s no problem! Just select “None” when prompted to fill in additional fragrance choices in the Fragrance Lab.

Simplicity can be a wonderful thing- refreshing purity in an overcrowded and over stimulated world!


If you are a true individualist you may want to be more experimental than the department store perfumes. 


Remember, a commercial perfumer has his target market to think about; he or she has to create a “crowd pleaser” that will be popular with many people. Those perfumers are not going to be able to really express their creativity and stray to far from the well worn path trodden by countless fragrance companies before. So if you’re looking for something really unusual, you may just have to design it yourself... And don’t forget, we can often accommodate requests, so if we don’t have your favourite fragrance, just ask.


Elderflower and Sugarplum, anyone?

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