Where can I find Plum Perfume?

plum perfume

Where can I find Plum Perfume?

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Do you dream of finding the perfect plum perfume? Of smelling exactly like a beautiful rich purple plum, perfectly ripe, hanging on a branch?

Perhaps the most well know perfume with notes of plum in it, is, unsurprisingly “Plum” by Mary Greenwell. This modern classic can currently be found in Harrod’s and other specialist perfume boutiques, and features top notes of plum, blackcurrant and bergamot – with a heart of turberose, gardenia, rose and jasmine – and a rich base of sandalwood, patchouli, white musk, and amber.

“Plum” by Mary Greenwell does seem to split the crowd! Reviews on Fragrantica range from very positive ones which praise how true to the scent of a real plum this perfume is, to others which claim that this perfume is overpriced and more of a white floral scent than a plum one.

However, with a name like “Plum” – this certainly should be on the list of perfumes to try for any lover of plum notes!

There are quite a few other perfumes which have strong plum notes in them which you should definitely check out if you would love to smell like this lovely fruit.

If you love the scent of plum you might like to try:

Shiseido Feminite du Bois

Rochas Femme Rochas

Keiko Mecheri Umé

Serge Lutens Bois et Fruits

Yves Rocher Ode a L`Amour Passionnement

Tom Ford Black Orchid Voile de Fleur

Davidoff Good Life

Liaisons Dangereuses by Kilian

Cristobal Balenciaga Rumba

Calvin Klein Secret Obsession

John Varvatos John Varvatos

Mauboussin Mauboussin

So if you love the thought of wearing a “plum” perfume, hopefully you now have a few ideas!

If you’re not happy with any of these ideas, perhaps you might like to consider designing your own plum perfume?

Using our unique Perfume Studio application you can mix and match perfume notes to your heart’s content. You could choose to have a perfume consisting entirely of beautiful ripe plums, or you could mix your favourite plum note with other scents.

Plum and Vanilla and Nutmeg anyone? Delicious plum and Christmas Spice? A darkly mysterious Plum and Opium and Amber? The choice is yours...

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