Bespoke Wedding Fragrances and Perfume Wedding Favours

Wedding days are customised reflections of the personalities of the bride and groom- everything is designed to perfection; the dress, the jewellery, music, food, and decorations- how about going one step further and having  unique bespoke perfume favours too?

Custom made fragrance is a particularly thoughtful and sensual wedding gift or wedding favour- how lovely to design your very own perfume to wear on the special day, and, as scent is so closely linked to memory; what a beautiful way to invoke nostalgia and remembrance years later when you unstopper your wedding perfume and all those sweet memories come flooding back to you...

The bride and groom may even wish to design scents that are totally different, yet complement each other- remember, fragrance isn't just for women! can create beautiful and affordable perfume wedding favours for your guests!

Your Perfume Wedding Favour Options:

Elegant Soliflores

Our timelessly elegant Soliflore (single flower) collection allows you to present your guests with a perfume created especially to capture the spirit of a single flower or fragrance essence. You may wish to choose something classically romantic like the Damask Rose or Peony, however many brides appreciate the chance to have a Soliflore perfume made of a more unusual flower such as Honeysuckle or Blue Lotus (or any other fragrance like Wild Berries!) as we have such an extensive scent collection! A particularly appropriate idea is to reflect your favourite flower in your wedding bouquet in your perfume wedding favours.

Our elegant soliflores are perhaps our safest choice, as these always (in our humble opinion) smell lovely - we take care to source the best quality oils. However we would always recommend your purchasing a sample first, to check that you love the scent as much as we do.

Bridal Bouquet

This is your chance to use the perfume studio to create your own beautiful and unique perfume, consisting of a combination of your favourite scents. We usually recommend a combination of two or three fragrance oils, as this allows complexity without becoming overwhelming.

With our Bridal Bouquet choice brides are able to design a perfume that is really and truly one of a kind - there are so many lovely possibilities to choose from - your perfumed wedding favours could be delicate and refreshing, warm, spicy and exotic, fruity and playful, or something completely unexpected! Again a particularly appropriate idea is to match your perfume scents with the flowers you have chosen for your bridal bouquet.

Again, we always recommend purchasing a sample first - to make quite sure that your finished perfume wedding favours smell exactly as you imagined them to together.

Start The Process - Order A Custom Wedding Favour Sample Below

Custom Wedding Favour Sample

£ 19.50 

Custom wedding favour samples are presented in the same manners as our 10ml Sample bottle created in the Perfume Studio. The difference is, upon receipt of your order we will email you within one working day with a form which will enable you to tell us more about you and your ideal wedding perfume. This allows us to make the process more personalised to your needs, and we will spend a little more time reviewing your more detailed perfume brief.

If you are looking for a very simple one or two note perfume in our most reasonable bottle (Plastic roll on with white lid)  then it may be more cost effective for you to order a perfume in the normal way through our Perfume Studio. Do mention it is for a possible wedding favour though so that we can help you.

At the sample stage remember it is the actual perfume you are testing and the bottle it is in- you will be able to specify the exact colour of bag if you like the perfume we create for you and choose to order some more.

Delivery And Turnaround Times

Please allow up to ten days after payment for us to create and post your sample if you live in the UK. If you are happy with your sample and would like to go on to purchase a larger order of perfume wedding favours then please allow us two weeks to make these up.

For international orders, please drop us a note and we can give you a time estimate, as these vary depending on where you are based. Please note we are only able to post oil based perfumes in larger volumes abroad, so please choose the Sweet almond oil base to keep it legal!

Vital Statistics

Our wedding favours are presented in elegant 10ml glass or clear plastic roll on bottles with silver or white lids respectively. These are a great size - lots of applications inside but small and dainty enough to keep in a handbag.

Perfumes can be made in either a commercial Perfumers base (like Dior etc.) or in Sweet Almond Oil for a more natural effect. You will be given the choice in your Wedding Perfume Form which will be emailed to you within one working day of your Sample Order.

Call me biased but many people, especially brides, like the subtly of an oil based perfume; as unlike the Commercial base an oil based perfume has a slower evaporation rate, so it grows on you gently rather than all at once. Sweet Almond oil is nourishing for your skin too!

An elegant organza bag is included in the price of each wedding favour. Please see Decoration below...


Our organza bags come in pretty much any colour you can think of! And you can always email us a picture of the exact shade you are looking for if you would like.

Appart from providing a beautiful bag to put your perfume in, the rest of the decoration is up to you!

Some Ideas:

An effective and professional way of decorating and personalising your perfume is by having some affordable "Hang Tags" made to hang from the ribbon of your perfume favour bags.

We use Gotprint for ours -
The end result is professional, and they have a great online design tool where you can upload your own pictures and text to create a lovely label for your perfume.

(We choose:
SIZE: 51mm x 64mm PAPER: 300 g Glossy 2 Sides + UV High Gloss Coating, with a hole in the top left hand corner - This is a good size and works with our organza bags.)

Do make sure you allow enough time for delivery if you order hang tags!

Other decoration ideas include: Dried rose buds or scatter crystals in the bag with the perfume, Homemade Hangtags, pretty stickers, charms, beads, additional ribbons, perhaps in a different colour to the bag, customised boxes, perhaps tuck a packet of matching flower seeds inside the bag...


These vary depending upon the type of bottle you choose and the number and nature of your perfume.

As a guide - A Sweet Almond Oil base is slightly more reasonable (and some would argue, more luxurious!)

Our plastic roll on bottles with white lids are more reasonable than our Glass roll on bottles with silver lids - they're both smart though!

So as an example, after the cost of your sample, for a set of 40: a Sweet Almond Oil Perfume Wedding favour in one of our Plastic White lidded roll on bottles using our stock fragrances would cost £3.50 each.

Hang Tags etc. and scatter crystals/stickers if wished are an extra expense to take into account - though these usually work out to be a matter of pence each. Hang Tags from Gotprint cost approx 20p/each if ordered in volumes of 100.

For a bespoke and luxury product we like to think we provide very good value for money!

 Our organza bags, in purple - many other colours are available.

 Clear Plastic Roll on bottles with white lids

 Glass Roll on Bottles with silver lids

 Please do contact us ( if you have any questions about our Perfume Wedding Favour Service!