A romantic red rose.


The Top 5 Most Romantic Gifts For Women

For all those men out there who mean well, but have no idea what to get...

5) Chocolates. These are never going to be a bad choice, most ladies love chocolate! However, if you’re looking for the ultimate statement romantic gift you might like to try being a little more adventurous, as with some thought you can probably find something else that will impress her even more. If you do buy chocolates and it’s for an important occasion, make sure they are really special, such as a box from Demarquette, London or even better if you can afford it, a subscription to the Chocolate Tasting Club. Pure heaven!

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4) Activity day/Experience days. These are becoming very popular, and for good reason- it’s very romantic to present your girlfriend or wife with a voucher for something that you know she has always wanted to do. It shows that you have put a lot of thought into choosing something that she will really appreciate. Better still, buy two vouchers and do it with her- nothing says “I love you” like showing that you want to spend time with her. Check out “Red Letter Days” or “Virgin Experience Days” for lots of ideas.  Activities range from Zorbing (rolling down a hill in a big sphere!) to mini breaks in beautiful Scottish castles or tree houses- it can be as zany or classic as you want.

3) Lingerie. Opinion is divided here, but I personally think this deserves to be the third most romantic gift of all time, as long as you get it right- as it’s no good buying your girlfriend something really exotic and uncomfortable if she normally goes around in plain, utility type underwear. Choose something that is beautiful and well made, but not too far from her comfort zone. So unless you know her really well, stick to universally flattering and romantic colours such as reds, black, purple, pink- and materials such as lace and satin.

Lingerie is a fantastically romantic present for a woman, because it will make her feel good about herself. You are effectively saying to her “I find you attractive and I would like to see you wearing this”, and that’s a very precious and oft neglected gift, especially if you’ve been together awhile.

2) Perfume. Maybe I’m biased, but I love perfume. It’s intensely personal but classically romantic at the same time.

Scent is the sense most closely connected with memory, and a beautiful perfume carries romantic and special significance for a woman. Especially if you have just started dating, buying a perfume will ensure that whenever she catches a waft of that particular fragrance on her scarf or in the air she will immediately be thinking of you...

Choosing the right perfume is very important- as the perfume you choose will reflect very obviously to her how you see her as a woman. So choose something flattering, a little pricy if you can. It’s not always the case with other presents, but with perfume it is always better to buy a small bottle of a classic fragrance than a large bottle of a very cheap one. Even better, let her design her own perfume, then she’ll be the only woman in the whole world wearing it- how luxurious! 

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1) And our absolute number one romantic gift? Flowers. This seems so obvious but actually in my personal experience flowers are often overlooked- perhaps because for men if they are going to spend £30.00 or more on a gift for their girlfriend or wife they’d like to get her something she can keep or really use. Flowers last for less than a week, they are transient and frivolous; but actually that’s the point. For most women it’s the ultimate luxury- the ultimate romantic indulgence.

What sort of bouquet to get? Well, this does depend on her character and personality, for instance if you know that tulips are her favourite flower then it’s an obvious choice. Don’t be afraid of going for the classic romantic choice of red roses and lilies though- these are classics for a reason and will immediately signify your romantic attentions.

 When choosing a bouquet you have to make sure it conveys the right message, some flowers are very pretty but more suitable for your mum or sister, such as the red and orange bunch of flowers above. Safe choices of flowers for romance include: red roses, white lilies, pink roses, any roses really though yellow is less romantic, iris, orchid, stock, hydrangea, tulips, larkspur, and carnations. 

If you wanted to make it really personal you could look up the Victorian Language of Flowers- and then challenge her to decipher the secret meaning behind her bouquet.  She’ll be delighted.