Postmodern Perfume 

 Are you seeking purity and simplicity in your perfume?

If you’ve got an all time favourite flower you’ll know how difficult it is to find it in a commercial perfume. This is because modern perfumery has evolved to the point where consumers are always looking for newer, more complicated scents, and the traditional one or two note perfumes favoured by the Victorians have gone out of fashion- sadly leaving us with only the more common. 

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Sometimes in this age of frenetic activity we look to the simple and pure to calm and rejuvenate, providing fresh, clean lines that emphasise simplicity and innocence. It is this drive to pare down and reboot, to start from the beginning and to rediscover perfumery that leads me to wonder how we can discover specific pure floral notes in commercial perfume. Not any and every commercial perfume but those that are available readily in stores, scents that can be picked up easily with the minimum of effort.

The Flowers:


This is a classic of course, you’ll find it almost everywhere- but it’s not the rose that we all know and love, it’s not the dew flecked suggestion of a country hedgerow; it’s metallic rose, spicy rose, musky rose, citrus rose, aldehydic rose...So many roses and not a simple pink trellis climber amongst them. Well, almost- thank you rose fairies for CB: I Hate Perfume. 


Yardley, one of the last English bastions of traditional perfumes, are a great go-to if you’re looking for a pure Iris scent. True to its name, the “Goddess of the Rainbow”, the iris flower, is appropriately lauded in this fresh, clean and intriguing Eau de Toilette.


Soothing, refreshing, warm, subtle- and it seems totally out of fashion for women,( although it does pop up regularly in the men’s fragrance department.) This is a fallacy!  Crabtree and Evelyn Lavender Eau de Toillette is about as pure and crisp as it gets without sacrificing any of the smooth lavender swoon-factor, which really is in a class of its own.

Lily of The Valley:

This delicate white flower means “return to happiness” and all too often its rare purity is adulterated and transformed, never to ugliness, but to such a degree of complexity that it becomes almost unrecognisable.  Yardley have managed to create a pretty, light and airy Lily of The Valley- skilfully suggesting the lightness of spring; maintaining not only the fragrance of this timeless flower, but the spirit of it too.

If nothing but the absolute pure note of your favourite bloom will do- we could always mix them up for you. How about Sweet Pea, Elderflower, Frangipani, Lilac?

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