Perfumes Men Like

As a woman you probably sometimes wonder what kinds of perfumes men like. You’re getting ready for a date and you would like to choose the right perfume- one that your companion will love- not one that will make him cough and splutter and wonder whether someone spilled some industrial strength toilet cleaner.

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It’s not normally much good asking most men which kinds of perfumes they like, as usually, quite understandably, they don’t know much about women’s perfume. If there is a perfume that they particularly like, more often than not they won’t remember the name of it or even the brand.

But still, we would all like to know what kinds of perfumes men like.

Help is at hand! We have been lucky enough to discover Paul, who is, most importantly, a man; but secondly and more unusually, he used to work on a perfume counter in a department store, so he knows his Chanel from his Amouage. He’s going to tell us a little about what kind of perfumes men like.

Not every man is the same, so it is still worth asking your significant other just in case he knows anything about perfume- but here is Paul to shed some light on men’s perfume preferences...

Hi Paul! Can you tell us a little about yourself? 

Hi, my name is obviously Paul, and I will receiving a cake with a total of 45 candles on my birthday in November (Better have the fire-brigade on stand-by). I now work full-time as a Social Media Consultant for one of the largest Scandinavian gaming companies, I also play semi-professional poker and have travelled around Europe to many major poker events. Very much any spare time I have are taken up with spending quality time with my family. I would like to point out that even though I know what I like it doesn’t necessary mean what that I am not speaking for all men when I tell you what perfumes men like and just really my own honest opinions, I would also like to add that I think an influence on a man’s preference is possibly based on previous life experiences and remembrance of the past. (Again just my opinion).


Can you tell us about a couple of your favourite perfumes? Why do you like them?

The all-time favourite perfume of mine is Beautiful by Estée Lauder, I find the aroma to be very sensual, and it has a rich, lush floral scent, reminding me of hot summer days and being in love.

Another perfume that could possibly be described as being on the opposite side of the coin is Poison by Christian Dior, a fragrance that is much more exotic than Beautiful and has a more exotic and heady aroma to it with a mix of fruit and spices, I find this is much more suited as an evening perfume in my opinion. The other fascination with this is the colour purple (My favourite colour by the way and the colour of my laptop I am using at the moment.)

More generally, as a man what kinds of scents do you like? 

Certainly the smells I prefer are flowers in bloom, roses, daffodils, carnations and bluebells, in fact most flowers. I also love the aromas of sweetness and spices mixed, this is probably why Poison by Christian Dior is one of my favourites.

And finally, are there any specific perfumes or general scents that you do not like? Why?

Being in a casino environment where most ladies are dressed to the nines and are wearing their best perfumes, I have come across a lot of smells and aromas (Some not very nice, when spending 8-10 hours sat at a poker table with other people). I find that there is no particular perfume that gives offence to my nose, however what can be very off-putting is ladies that literally douse themselves in perfume, too much can be quite sickly, this is especially with a fragrance that has a very strong scent. I think using a little, often would work much better in these situations as opposed to applying too much in one go. (My wife carries a hand bag sized spray and uses it as a “freshen up”. Which is much better than putting on a bucketful before we go out). Another experience I have had a couple of times, is when someone has used different strong deodorants, shower gels and shampoo where you may find that the mix of smells can create an entirely different aroma and in some cases, not a nice one. Myself, I use Paco Rabanne, 1 Million for special occasions and when showering I use their body wash too. For everyday use I am still a big fan of Brut.

Thanks Paul, for telling us what kinds of perfumes men like!

I hope that I have helped to explain about what perfumes men like and thank you for letting me share my opinions.

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