Perfect Perfumes -The Scent of Spring.


As the cold dark winter draws to a close, warmer days arrive in the form of spring time, a time of daffodils, spring lambs, a time of greener gardens and cooler clothes; long gone are the winter woollens, hats and gloves, and with the changing of the seasons does it not make sense to change your perfume to suit the season and the mood?

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Perfumes with lighter scents and floral bouquets that embrace the warmth of the sun and create an aroma of freshly cut flowers with hints of warm summer days to follow make the perfect spring perfume.

Here are some exciting perfumes that catch the very essence of Spring:

·         Caron Narcisse Noir – Caron Parfums. The notes of this classic perfume  begins with fragrant orange blossoms which is then partnered with the darkly beautiful smell of Persian black narcissus, other notes in this perfume include bergamot, petitgrain, lemon, rose, jasmine, jonqui, musk, vetiver, civet, and sandalwood delivering the reminiscence of a fresh spring day.

·         Violet Angel – Thierry Mugler. A perfume with dominant notes bringing to mind walks in the forest after an April shower, this fresh, fragrant perfume delivers a mixture of mandarin, passion fruit, bergamot, apricot, violet, patchouli, vanilla, chocolate, caramel and peach. A truly mystic floral and woody fragrance and perfect for that spring romance.

·         L'Occitane’s Cherry Blossom - L'Occitane. A perfume of beautifully perfectly balanced floral delicacy, with cherry blossom notes. Each year in early spring in Japan they hold their famous Cherry blossom festival;  to celebrate the delicate sight and scent of these fragile and transient pink petals.  L’Occitane is a truly beautiful spring perfume.

What’s your favourite springtime perfume? Everyone has their own favourite perfumes and personal associations with fragrance- your springtime perfume choice should be uplifting and joyful, holding the promise of a wonderful summer to come.

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