Perfume- Harry Potter Style

Because all of us at some time or another has wondered what their House Perfume is like...Right?

Erm, never mind...

Any excuse to write about two of my favourite subjects- Perfume and Potter!

The Houses at Hogwart’s School of Witchcraft and Wizardry each accept students with very different personalities.  Perfumes also have very different characters, and what smells divine to one person may well reek like a mouldy potato to another- so I wonder what kind of perfume would suit each House at Hogwarts.

This is all complete conjecture obviously, but as J.K Rowling has thus far made no comment on the subject we shall improvise and hope she approves...



                     Design Your Own Griffindor Perfume In The Perfume Studio

According to the Sorting Hat their “daring, nerve, and chivalry set Gryffindors apart”. Coming from the “the wild moor” they are the most courageous House and perform “brave deeds”. They are also notably loyal to their friends and to the causes they believe in.

As a classic Gryffindor, Hermione Granger would probably choose a perfume that reflected her confident, energetic and fiercely loyal personality. The rose, whilst having strong romantic symbolism, is also associated with nobility- it is the Queen of the Flowers after all- so this could form a great basis for a Gryffindor style perfume.

Here are some other lovely scents that also traditionally represent the virtues of the Gryffindor House. Many of these are taken from the Victorian Language of Flowers, and others, well they just feel right, as each scent has its own unique character.

Scents for a Gryffindor:

Bay- glory. Victors in races often wore crowns of Bay leaves  in Roman times.

Cedar- incorruptible

Chamomile- energy in adversary

Cloves- dignity

Honeysuckle- generous and devoted affection

Lemon- zest for life

Ginger- strength

Daffodil- chivalry

Elderflower –Zeal

Magnolia- Nobility

Sandalwood- royalty

Gorse- this is a scent found on the moors! The yellow flowers smell very like Coconut.

Suitable Ready To Wear Perfume for a Gryffindor:

“No1/Imperial Majesty” by Clive Christian; this is one of the most expensive perfumes in the world, but hey, someone’s got to wear it, and I reckon a Gryffindor could pull it off! A perfume fit for a Queen.

“Honour Woman” by Amouage; another expensive and very classy perfume for a regal Gryffindor- the scent is gorgeous, brave, and self assured- but most of all, we love the name!

“Malabah” by Penhaligon’s; one of my all time favourite perfumes! This is just so warm and confident, and contains notes of Lemon, Cloves, Ginger, and Sandalwood, all great Gryffindor scents which appear in the list above.



         Design Your Own HufflePuff Perfume In The Perfume Studio

The Hufflepuffs are described in the song of the Sorting Hat as “just and loyal”, “patient” and “true”. From the “valley broad” they are “hard workers”, and “unafraid of toil”- and if this all sounds a little dull and plodding, bear in mind that they are definitely the most egalitarian of the four Houses, as Helga Hufflepuff, rather than choosing her pupils for traits such as courage or ambition, said "I'll teach the lot

 And treat them just the same."

 Hufflepuffs are second only to the Griffndors in bravery, and nearly as many Hufflepuffs as Gryffindors volunteered to stay behind in the final battle to fight Voldemort. In addition, Hufflepuff are very secretive- their House Common room has not been seen by a member of another House for over 1000 years.

J.K. Rowling said the Hufflepuff House had the best parties, in addition to being nearest to the Kitchens and having the most comfortable common room...So I should imagine they’re a pretty cheerful bunch!

If you’re looking to impress Cedric Digory you can accentuate your loyalty, true friendship and cheerful spirit by mixing and matching some of the following scents:

Violet – faithful love

Daisy- innocence

Francincense- Faithful heart

Jasmine- amiability, happiness

Lilac- humility

Geranium- true friend

Neroli – discretion

Sunflower- this is just such a light hearted and cheerful scent that I am sure it would suit a Hufflepuff.

Vanilla/Caramel- Delicious- a Hufflepuff appreciates their food...

Suitable Ready To Wear Perfume for a Hufflepuff:

“Angel” by Thierry Mugler; for anyone who appreciates good food this gourmand perfume is sure to be a real hit- featuring delicious notes of vanilla, chocolate, and caramel.

“Angel Garden of Stars: Violet Angel”; all the gourmand joys of Thierry Mugler’s usual style, but with added violetty goodness! This is a really beautiful modern interpretation of the classic violet.

Clinque “Happy/”Sunflowers” Elizabeth Arden; what’s not to like about these two feel good perfumes? They’re so happy and uplifting they almost bounce up and lick your face like a puppy...Friendship and fun in a bottle!


     Design Your Own Slytherin Perfume in The Perfume Studio

Now we come to perhaps the most charismatic and intriguing house. They’ve been painted rather black, but I cannot help thinking that maybe the Slytherins don’t 100% deserve their bad reputation. Yes, there have been more Slytherin dark wizards than any other, but there must also be many Slytherins such as Professor Slughorn who are normal wizards living normal lives. And haven’t we all been guilty of protecting ourselves at the expense of others now and then? Or showing a little shrewd cunning to get what we want?

For the Sorting Hat describes the Slytherins as “cunning”, “shrewd”, and “power hungry”. They have “great ambition”- an ambition so great in fact that they will “use any means to achieve their ends”.

Nothing significant has ever been achieved without ambition and a certain amount of ruthlessness, whether its leading an army or neglecting your family to pursue your research relentlessly; so I  suppose whether many of these traits is a bad thing really depends on whether the Slytherin is on your side or not... If they’re working for your cause then you probably couldn’t ask for a better ally, if they’re not, well you’d better watch out as they may not play by the rules!

Without a doubt the Slytherins are risk takers, and rebels with a certain disregards for the rules. Enchant your fellow snakes and win some more House Points for Slytherin with a combination of these dark and mysterious scents:

Scents for a Slytherin:

Lavender- distrust

Tuberose- dangerous pleasures

Tulip- fame

Oppopnax (Sweet Myrrh)- traditionally used in embalming this has a sweet and cloying scent.

Pink Peppercorn- a sweet and spicy fragrance.

Opium- darkly mysterious with a hint of danger.

Leather- warm, musky, and sensual.

Musk- seductive, animalistic and deep.

Incense-reminiscent of magic and fire.

Patchouli/Oakmoss- green and earthy with an otherworldly undertone.

Suitable Ready To Wear Perfumes for a Slytherin:

“Poison” by Christian Dior; with notes of Coriander, Tuberose, and Opponax this is a darkly mysterious perfume with a lot of spirit and charisma.

“Opium” by Yves St Laurent; likened by it’s creator to represent the “fatal ecstasy” of falling in love this powerful and enigmatic perfume caused quite a controversy!



        Design Your Own Ravenclaw Perfume in The Perfume Studio

According to the founder of Ravenclaw House, Rowena Ravenclaw; “Wit beyond measure is man’s greatest treasure”.  This means that the students admitted to Ravenclaw are amongst the cleverest in the school. The Sorting Hat sings about their “ready mind” and great “wit and learning”- traits which are put to the test each morning as they must answer a riddle to enter their common room rather than remember a password like the other houses.

Ravenclaws, like many geniuses, are often seen by others as quite eccentric.

As a result of being different and often misunderstood themselves they are very accepting and understanding of people’s little quirks, and less likely to tease other students for being a little out of the ordinary. And of course, they make fantastic researchers and inventors!

So, if you want to persuade Helena Ravenclaw to tell you where her Diadem is- it might just help if you mix up a perfume potion of the following scents:

Scents for a Ravenclaw:

Coriander- concealed merit

Cherry blossom- a good education

Lotus- eloquence

Lily of The Valley- mental clarity

Parsley- useful knowledge

Sage- Wisdom, authority

Lime- this fresh and zingy citrus scent is a mental wake up call!

Aquatic notes- watery notes are different yet refreshing.

Suitable Ready To Wear Perfumes for a Ravenclaw:

“Extract of Limes”/”Endymion”  by Penhaligon’s; “Extract of Limes” is just so incredibly fresh, it’s like a blast of cold water in your face- perfect if you want to spur the mental zombies from their sleep and help them up to your level...Eccentric and subtly complex, with discernible Sage notes, “Endymion” is another perfume from Penhaligon’s that a Ravenclaw might appreciate.

“L’Occitane- Cherry Blossom”;  another delicate and refreshing fragrance, with an inspiring yet unobtrusive beauty. The soft almost ethereal fragrance is not going to distract you from your deep thoughts, but it’s undeniably a best kept secret.

“Lady Vengeance” by Juliette Has A Gun;  something deep, intelligent, and ever so slightly eccentric. This is for women who know what they want and know how to get it too.


Oh how I’ve enjoyed my little Potter and Perfume flight of fancy! Personally I don’t like to limit myself to one House- I like to wear a different fragrance every day, depending on the occasion.

 It’s actually interesting to experience how a scent can influence your personality. Try a Slytherin perfume if you want to feel dark and dangerous one of these days... Or if you’re normally quiet and charismatic try something from the Hufflepuff list to see the world through some rose tinted specs. Go on, I dare you!