Design Your Own Perfume- Our Exciting List Of Beautiful Fragrances For You To Choose From:  

This is a current list of our fragrance oils which you will be able to choose from to create your own unique perfume. From this basic list you can choose up to 3 top notes, heart notes, or base notes to feature in your fragrance.

This is not an exhaustive list, and we're always adding lovely new fragrances as we discover them- so please do check back periodically to see what exciting new choices we can offer. Also, if your all time favourite scent isn't on the list, please do ask, as we can probably add it to our collection!

Many of our scents are fairly self explanatory- everyone knows what ginger smells like, for example- however there are some more unusual scents in our list so we have added brief notes to help you imagine them!

Some of the more popular fragrances are clickable (we will be adding to these daily) - so if you click on the fragrance name you will be able to find out even more about this fragrance and its role in perfumery, including which scents it traditionally goes well with.

If you'd like to know more about any of our beautiful scents, please do ask! You can reach me, Sylvan, at



Ylang Ylang

A beautiful fruity floral with a heady, sweet, and strong fragrance. Ylang Ylang is native to Asia and reminiscent of Jasmine; the exotic yellow flower is considered an aphrodisiac.


Traditionally associated with romance, the heady and exotic fragrance of Jasmine adds a real element of luxury and femininity to any perfume. In India, Jasmine is known as “moonlight of the grove”as the flowers open at night.


Tuberose is an exotic night blooming white flower, native to Mexico, and highly valued for it's honey-like and intoxicating perfume. In some cultures it's name means “scent of the night” and “King of Fragrance.”


According to Celtic lore the Elder tree has links with the faerie world. The delicate creamy flowers from this magical tree yield a subtle and sweet summer fragrance.

Lily Of The Valley

Lily of The Valley or Muguet is a woodland plant with delicate white flowers, like little bells, which yield a fresh and intoxicating fragrance.


Lilac or Syringa has beautiful light purple or pink petals that are highly attractive to butterflies, with a delicately summery scent.


Geraniums have vivid red, orange, pink, and purple petals; with an uplifting, stimulating and fruity scent, and hints of rose and mint.

Tea Rose

The lush, sweet scent of rose is a classic and timeless favourite in perfumery. Roses are the ultimate romantic symbol of love and beauty. Tea rose is a light and delicately scented white rose, with a suggestion of sparkling Lady Grey tea.

Damask Rose

The lush, sweet scent of rose is a classic and timeless favourite in perfumery. Roses are the ultimate romantic symbol of love and beauty. Red damask rose is deep and intoxicating, with sensual depths hinting at warm spices and passion.


These delicate white blossoms from the Bitter Orange Tree yield a complex, sweet scent, with an invigorating citrusy heart. Neroli is a popular addition to masculine fragrances and it is an ingredient of Eau de Cologne.


Lavender flowers are purple, lilac, or blue, and have a confident, cooling, and summery scent. Lavender oil is considered to possess relaxing properties. It is also popular in masculine fragrances.


This delicate and elegant flower has a light, crisp, refreshing scent- akin to summer lilacs after a light rain. Water lilies or Lotuses are associated in Egyptian mythology with the Sun God, Ra.


The sweet and optimistic scent of tall sunflowers will bring a smile to everyone!


The elusive and enchanting scent of wild violets whispers of gathering wild flowers in the spring with your sweetheart.


The cheerful yellow trumpets of the spring Daffodil are sweetly scented and herald the promise of summer.


Daisies have an uplifting and innocent scent, reminiscent of daisy chains and endless summer afternoons.


The exotic Gardenia flower has pure white petals and a lively, sweet fragrance.

Cherry Blossom

Cherry tree boughs are laden with thousands of pink blossoms in the summer, with a delicate and sensual scent.


The fuzzy golden pom-pom flowers of the Mimosa or “Autumn Sun” have a heady and joyful fragrance.


The frilly pink petals of the peony unfurl to release a lusciously romantic fragrance.


Elegant and colourful tulips send up a cheerfully inspiring scent.

Sweet Pea

These vividly coloured petals in shades of blue, purple, and pink have a light, sweet, and playful fragrance.



Luxurious, fizzing bubbles of romance and celebration.


Thousands of flowers make the heavenly and mouthwatering sweet scent of honey.


A deliciously inviting cupcake topped with a swirl of pink vanilla cream!


Magical and enticing visions of Sugarplums danced in their heads!


The scent of vanilla is delicious and creamy like rich, smooth Pannecote.


Our melt in the mouth and highly addictive chocolate scent is just like a Belgian truffle.


Golden caramel sauce is a smooth and seductive scent.

Green Tea

A crisp and refreshing waft of freshly brewed Green Tea.

Mulled Wine

The spirit of Christmas markets and winter evenings beside crackling log fires are found in this warm, spicy fragrance.


Marzipan on a fruitcake- nutty, sweet, and stuck on with apricot jam.


Creamy, refreshing coconut on a tropical island.


Smooth and nutty and sweet- like a nougat bar or marzipan.


The satisfying smell of a freshly poured pint in a country pub on a long Sunday afternoon.


Ocean Breeze

The fresh and invigorating smell of the sea as waves crash against the rugged cliffs.

White Musk

White Musk is a delicate, light, and highly seductive fragrance with hints of vanilla.


A darkly mysterious combination of exotic oriental spices, resins, and woods. The scent of magic and mystery?

Soft Leather

A subtly warm and animalistic, musky aroma. The smell of a luxury car interior warmed by a passionate clinch!



The zesty and summery scent of a freshly cut grapefruit.

Green Apple

The crisp and luscious fragrance of the first bite of a ripe green apple.


The sweet and mouthwatering scent of a bunch of plump mandarins.


Rich stewed damson plums with pouring cream have a tender and ambrosial fragrance.


The invigorating and uplifting scent of a freshly quartered, glistening orange.


A refreshing and revitalising fragrance- the glistening green slice of lime on the edge of your Tequila.


The luscious and tempting scent of a plump, perfectly ripe Stella cherry.


These soft, yielding red fruits have a sweet and tangy fragrance reminiscent of summer.

Wild Berries

The tempting and bitter-sweet scent of bunches of wild redcurrants in the secret depths of the forest.


A luscious and delicate rendition of the soft velvety yellow flesh of a perfectly ripe peach.


Smell like a juicy fruit salad with this succulent and refreshing pear scent.


Enliven your perfume with this sunny and exotic mango scent.

Tropical Fruit

This Tropical fruit scent is exotic and sun-kissed, and will have you smelling like a paradise island.


This sweet, full bodied, and juicy fig will put you in mind of an idyllic Mediterranean summer.



Tonkabean is a creamy and delicious fragrance which will remind you of a sweet vanilla custard decorated with toasted almonds.


This warming and exotic scent of cinnamon will remind you of hot cross buns just out of the oven.

Pink Peppercorn

The sweet and peppery scent of this exotic pink berry will add some spice to your perfume.

Christmas Spice

This enchanting and festive fragrance is reminiscent of Christmas cake and carol singing on a crisp winter evening.


The spiced and herby scent of coriander will add the flavour of a country herb garden to your perfume.


The spicy, mellow scent of this exotic nutmeg will remind you of a creamy rice pudding.


This warm and spicy ginger will pep up your perfume with overtures of freshly baked gingerbread and sliced ginger root.


Clove is sweet and aromatic- just like hot baked apples straight from the oven.


Sweet and musky, this delicate white flowering herb has a slightly aniseed aroma.

Woods and herbs


Peppermint is fresh and zesty- the smell of freshly minted new potatoes in summer and crushed green leaves with ice in your Mojito.


A rich, green and spicy wood, adventurous and comforting like an old trunk in the attic or a Cedar glade.


Patchouli adds an exotic earthy floral note which becomes evident over time. It is very popular in oriental type fragrances. Damp and green, like a leaf squashed beneath your fingers.


Rosewood is a smooth and faintly floral wood, like a freshly planed plank beside a wild rose bush.


A popular addition to many commercial perfumes, Oakmoss adds an earthy and green depth. It smells a little like a mossy log in a forest after the rain!

Clary Sage

Clary Sage has a musky and herbaceous scent, like crushed green leaves; it's very distinctive.


This beautiful wood has been valued for centuries for its distinctive and seductive dry wood aroma. It is brighter and fresher than most other woods, with a suggestion of incense.


This mysterious and musky incense suggests the mystery of faith and the magic of interesting back alleys, bazaars and temples far away.


Basic is fresh, green, and aromatic, it's the spirit of a Mediterranean herb garden and the perfect accompaniment to your tomato salad.


Amber essence is a crystallized mixture of aromatic resins and oils native to India. A seductive, alluring, and sensual fragrance, traditionally considered to be a potent aphrodisiac.


This fresh fragrance is green, lemony, and enlivening!


Bergamot or Bitter Orange is a wonderfully refreshing citrus scent, similar to lemon but not quite so sharp. It is popular in masculine fragrances and Eau de Colognes.


A sweet, warm resin from the Indian Benzoin tree.


A sweet, woody, earthy, balsamic, mossy, smoky essence from the root of the Vetiver plant. This scent is very popular in men's fragrances and in Chypres.


A dark rich tree resin, with an earthy, smoky, and highly distinctive fragrance. Traditionally used for embalming...


Ancient Egyptian Fragrances