Jasmine Perfume

You're interested in Jasmine perfume? That's a lovely choice!

In India, Jasmine is known as “moonlight of the grove”, as the flowers open at night, releasing their fragrance in the darkness for moths and other nocturnal pollinators, and closing during the day. This means that the Jasmine pickers get up very early to catch these lovely flowers at their most intense, their working day finishing by around 10 o clock in the morning when the petals close up again.

Jasmine flowers are very fragile and the essential oil is precious. Wicker baskets have to be used for collection rather than the usual sacks because the white petals bruise at even the lightest pressure- releasing their perfume and unbalancing the natural bouquet.

8000 Jasmine flowers are needed to produce only around 1g of Jasmine Absolute- which explains why you will find it is one of the most expensive essential oils!

As the most popular of all the “white flowers” in perfumery, Jasmine (or synthetic Jasmine) is found in around 80% of all women’s perfumes, and in about 30% of men’s. It’s so well loved partly because of its high Indole content- a chemical with a complex musky aroma- which in minute doses transforms a perfume, allowing it to marry well with the natural scent of the human body.