How to make perfume last longer

If you’re going to an important event that is likely to go on for quite a while, such as a wedding or a conference, you want to know that your perfume is going to last the distance. Here are a few tips to help you make your perfume last longer:

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1.       Layer your fragrance. In the case of perfumes that you wear regularly it is always worthwhile investing in the accompanying body lotion. By layering your fragrance and applying the scented lotion followed by the perfume you will be able to ensure that your perfume lasts longer.


2.       You can also improve the staying power of your perfume by keeping your skin in good condition. Dry skin speeds up the evaporation of the aromatic elements of a perfume; so, if you do have dry skin it is a good idea to apply a moisturising lotion first. This actually ties into layering- it’s even better if your moisturising cream is scented with your perfume. (Tip:  an economic way of doing this if you haven’t bought the accompanying lotion is to take a plain unscented lotion and mix a few sprays of your perfume into it.)


3.       Spray just as you come out of the shower as your pores will be open and your skin will absorb the perfume more deeply.


4.       Spray perfume in your hair- it will penetrate the hair shaft and last longer than it would on your skin. Perfume sprayed into hair also wafts around you deliciously as you move. Don’t overdo it though, especially if you are wearing other hair products, as your hair could become greasy- a spritz or two is enough.


5.       Choose a Chypre or an Oriental scent on occasions where you require longer staying power; these fragrances tend to be more intense from the very beginning and so will last longer than a lighter more delicate scent. Perfumes in the Oriental or Chypre family of perfume also tend to have a wider variety of heavier base notes, which have a slow evaporation rate and will remain on your skin for hours. Only choose an Oriental or a Chypre scent if you like these kind of fragrances, of course; it’s important that you feel happy and yourself when you are wearing your perfume.


6.       It’s common to see people rubbing their wrists together when they first put on a perfume. Whilst this helps to dry the area and spreads the fragrance from one wrist to another it is actually a bad idea from the point of view of helping your perfume to last longer. It is better to spray each wrist and then allow them to dry naturally- never rub as this compresses the scent and allows it to evaporate more quickly.


7.       If you can afford it, buy an Extrait rather than an Eau de Cologne or an Eau de Parfum. An Extrait is more expensive and usually harder to find- but they contain much higher concentrations of aromatic oils and so are stronger.  Don’t overdo it though- remember that we all become used to our scents to a certain extent- it’s a good idea to ask someone else whether they can smell you or not before dousing yourself from head to foot...


8.       Consider decanting some of your perfume into a smaller purse sized atomiser so that you can carry it with you in your handbag and periodically reapply. Travalo sprays are refillable with your own perfume, and can be found in Boots and other similar shops online. With most Oriental or Chypre fragrances you shouldn’t really need to reapply, but this is sometimes necessary with particularly delicate floral fragrances.


9.       Keep an eye on the shelf life of your perfumes- any perfume more than 3- 5 years old may well have lost some of it’s original potency. Although many scents do improve with age, developing greater subtlety, they are never going to be as strong as they were originally. (Tip: If you own a lot of perfumes and don’t get through them very fast, consider transferring them into a dark or opaque bottle to help to preserve the fragrance.)


10.   You can make your perfumes last longer by spraying them onto your clothes. This works particularly well with very porous materials such as Angora or wool, where the perfume can linger for days, even weeks in some cases. Do be careful with more delicate fabrics as staining is possible- and remember the fragrance can persist for so long that you may become fed up with it; so think carefully before emptying half a bottle on your favourite jumper...


11.   This one’s not always easy to arrange- but wear your perfume in a cooler climate! Hot, humid weather hastens the evaporation of perfumes, so unless you live in a hot, humid climate all year round then it’s best not to waste your more expensive perfumes when you are on holiday in the sun. Buy something pleasant but cheap, because it’s just going to evaporate off you almost as quickly as you can reapply.

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Remember these tips and hopefully your perfume will last as long as you need it to!