How To Make Perfume For Your Dog

Dogs are becoming even more pampered than ever (and why not indeed!?) As well as bespoke collars and even outfits for dogs it is now possible to buy special “perfumes for dogs”...

And whilst we all love our dogs, most of us would be the first to admit that they can sometimes get themselves a little bit smelly, so actually vanity aside this can also be a surprisingly practical idea!

       Design your own perfume today

In addition, if you are using real essential oils some can have a therapeutic effect. For instance, Lavender is known to discourage fleas; and ticks don’t like oils such as Geranium, Grapefruit, and Thyme. It is worth looking up the aromatherapy benefits of certain oils if you have a certain therapeutic chord you would like to strike in your perfume; there are a lot of good articles about this subject online.

Special “dog perfume” has actually become quite trendy- so it’s not cheap! The ingredients used are actually fairly inexpensive though, so it is quite possible to create your own perfume for your dog and save yourself some money. As well as saving money you will also be able to customise your pet perfume to suit your dog’s personality and preferences.

Whether you are making a perfume for a dog or a human you have to be careful to create a combination that is both pleasant and safe for topical application. For your dog we will want to be even more careful- choosing Essential Oils that are mild and using them in very low concentrations so as not to irritate his skin or his nose... (remember your dog’s sense of smell is much more acute than yours!).

How to make perfume for your dog:

To create your unique doggy perfume is actually very simple- just mix fragrance oils with a mild oil base- bottle your concoction- and then voila you have your very own pet perfume!

There are a couple of very important points to remember though, to insure that your perfume is safe and suitable for your dog.

Firstly, choose a mild, plain and unscented base oil- Sweet Almond Oil or Jojoba Oil are great here. Any oil you would consider safe to ingest is fine. Olive oil will even do although it does have a slight scent of its own so it is probably not the best choice.

Secondly, keep your fragrance oil concentrations very low. Imagine the levels you would be happy with and then halve this. Also, read the back of your Essential oils to see the recommended concentrations. It will often say something like 5%; which means the Essential Oil must make up no more than 5% of your total volume of perfume. (Your base oils and other Essential oils will make up the rest).

Very Important: Not all Essential Oils are safe to use on pets- or at least- the concentrations considered safe would be so small as to not be viable for home mixing by an amateur. Avoid Nutmeg, Cinnamom, or any other spicy or fiery oil; even if it reads 5% as the recommended concentration on the back.

Remember, you do have to be careful when you are mixing certain oils as well. For example, if you are mixing citrus oils remember that the chemicals in them often overlap- so rather than having 5% lemon, 5% lime, and 5% grapefruit choose a mix of 5% of all of these citrus oils.

If in doubt, use a cosmetic grade fragrance oil from a reputable source or choose from the following list of milder essential oils: Lavender, Rose, Geranium, Grapefruit, Orange, Bergamot, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Jasmine, and Frankincense. The mildest Essential oil of all is LAVENDER, which is why it often appears in pet perfume blends; being suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

To apply your new pet perfume to your dog:

As this is a sensitive oil based perfume (rather than a denatured alcohol based one) it is appropriate to massage the perfume carefully into your dogs coat, avoiding his eyes, around his eyes, and any other sensitive areas (or uncoated areas!) such as the ears and nose etc.

An oil based pet perfume has the added benefit of making your dogs coat shine!

Lastly, please remember, and this is quite important, sensitive oil based perfumes are suitable for dogs, but please do not apply perfumes to other animals without speaking to your vet as it may not do them any good. Dogs are okay with sensitive perfumes as they do not lick themselves clean and so will not ingest their fragrance, whereas a cat, for instance, or a rabbit, grooms themselves using their mouths. As you can imagine, they would have a very horrible taste in their mouths if they tried to lick off their perfume and the Essential Oils whilst being fine for topical application contain stronger chemicals than should be taken into the stomach.

Have fun creating a special perfume for your canine friend! Hopefully he or she will enjoy it too- they do love attention- but do watch out for any signs of irritation and proceed accordingly. It’s more important that your dog is happy and healthy than smelling of roses; even if he does have a penchant for wriggling into the grubbiest places and rolling in all sorts of smelly things!

Now your best friend has his own custom perfume, how about designing one for yourself?