How to make organic perfume

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People nowadays are becoming more aware of the origin and quality of the ingredients found in their cosmetic products. And well they might- as perfumes and lotions are directly applied to the body, so have the potential to either harm or heal. To this end you might like to know how to make your own organic fragrance.

It is actually a lot easier than you might think to make your own organic perfume. The methodology is simple- mix your organic Essential Oils with your chosen perfume base (either an alcohol based solution, commonly known as perfumers alcohol; a glycerine based solution, such as Dipropolene Glycol, an oil base like Sweet Almond Oil, or more simply but less effectively, just use a high proof alcohol.) When you are making your organic perfume do remember to pay careful note to the safe concentration guidelines appearing on the back of your Essential oil bottles.

What is not so simple is finding out exactly where your Essential or Fragrance oils have come from, and making sure that your organic perfume is indeed, organic!

There are several things you must take into consideration when creating an organic perfume.

Firstly, choose a reputable store, whether online or offline. There are many such stores, but just as a starting point here are a few which I have found to give good service with a consistent quality of product:

These are UK based so apologies to our worldwide friends!

Secondly, remember your perfume base actually makes up around 80% of your finished perfume, as Essential Oils are very concentrated, so it is most important that you insure that this primary component is organic.

Some good sources of Organic Sweet Almond Oil:


A(!) source of organic Corn Grade Alcohol in the UK:

Organic Corn Grade Alcohol is quite hard to source in the UK- Thank goodness for Essentially Me! Of course you can buy this in bulk from American companies such as Alchemical Solutions; but of course the postage and bulk amounts make this unviable for the average UK customer.

I hope this has helped a little in your quest for organic perfume suppliers. Good luck in your quest to make your perfect organic perfume!


If you don’t want to stock up on all of the ingredients needed to make an organic perfume right now, you could visit our perfume studio to create a perfume that is over 80% organic. We say 80% organic because we use organic Corn Grade alcohol or organic Sweet Almond Oil to create our perfumes.