How To Make A Mysterious Perfume

If you’re more of a complex and charismatic seductress than a Girl Next Door type, you’re likely to appreciate deeper and more mysterious fragrances that either aim to shock, or simply lend the wearer a fascinating aura of, something dark, something that maybe you can’t quite put your finger on...

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Perfumes such as “Poison” by Dior or “Opium” by Yves St Laurent are both famous and classic examples of mysterious, even Gothic style perfumes. Technically these two enchanting blends fall into the spicy Oriental category of fragrances; but not all spicy Oriental style perfumes aim to convey an aura of mystery and intrigue- and there is something about these perfumes which does just that.

It seems that somewhere in the spicy Oriental category there is a small subdivision, containing perfumes that are not just exotic and complex like most Orientals are, but also have a signature style all of their own; a style which is darker and more magical, reminiscent of enchanted berries hiding in the forest, bittersweet emotions, unearthly powers of attraction- in a word- mysterious.

How can we replicate this sense of mystery and magic in our own perfumes?

Floral scents are perennial favourites in many different styles of perfume, including the Oriental family. Rose, for instance is popular in soft and very feminine fragrances like “Romance” by Ralph Lauren, but also features to great effect in deeper and darker confections such as Dior’s “Midnight Poison”. So don’t be afraid to add flowers to your mysterious perfume blend- just remember to vamp them up with some of the alternative perfume notes below.

Some floral scents are darker and more heady than others though, so if you really want to go for maximum mysterious impact choose flowers such as Lotus, Jasmine, Gardenia, Tuberose, Heliotrope, Ylang Ylang or even Neroli, as these are traditionally regarded as deep and seductive and will compliment your other notes to create a truly mysterious perfume blend.

Creating a mysterious perfume is really an experimental process, and you might well discover that a scent that is quite bland on its own suddenly becomes darker and more complex in combination with others. However, there are some scents which are inherently dark and exotic which you can mix together with your favourite floral to pretty much guarantee an unusual and mysterious end product.

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Here are some perfume notes that are popular in mysterious or Gothic style perfumes:



Pink Peppercorn





Clary Sage




Vanilla- Not a traditional choice, but was used to great effect in “Hypnotic Poison”, Dior. Partnered with spices and herbs this can produce a very mysterious fragrance.










Any combination of the previous scents listed, with the addition of a floral note or two, will guarantee your own darkly mysterious perfume love potion!

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