How to choose the perfect perfume for your girlfriend or wife

Perfume is a wonderfully romantic gift that most women will really appreciate. As a man you might like to buy your girlfriend or wife a special perfume as a gift for her birthday or anniversary (or just because!).

Perfume is a particularly romantic choice of gift for your girlfriend or wife, as it is seductive whilst still being classy, and, as our scent preferences are so personal it shows her that you have taken her tastes and preferences very carefully into consideration when you were buying her gift. Choose correctly and she will think you are the most considerate lover in the world!

Choosing perfume for ladies can certainly be a bit of a minefield for men though! (Some of them are put off before they even begin, and this is a real shame, as women really do love and appreciate perfume.) Some men steer clear of buying perfume because they don’t know much about women’s perfume brands. They might know their girlfriend very well, but that doesn’t mean they know anything about her fashion choices. And you do have to tread quite carefully here, because by choosing a perfume for your wife or girlfriend you are effectively saying to her “this is how I see you as a woman”. It’s no wonder men often reach for the chocolates, flowers, or other safer gift options...

Don’t give up though! If you are prepared to take the time to do a little research, you will soon discover the perfect perfume to buy for your girlfriend or wife- one that will bring out her best and her make her feel great about herself- and she’ll be touched that you have taken the time to do this; as a well chosen perfume is so much more romantic than a box of chocolates!

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Guidelines for choosing the perfect perfume for your girlfriend:

1) Check out her dressing table or take note of what perfumes she already wears.

If you notice a half used bottle of “Miss Dior” sitting on her dressing table then it’s fairly clear that this is a perfume that your girlfriend likes.

If you don’t know where she keeps her perfumes then a simple “I like your perfume today. What’s it called?” should enable you to discover the type of perfume she wears without alerting suspicion.

If the perfume on her dressing table has nearly run out then if you want to stay on the safe side it would make sense to buy her a replacement! However as her boyfriend it might be more romantic to buy her a different perfume; one that she doesn’t already own and one which she will in future associate with you. (Remember scent is very closely linked to memory in the hippocampus of the brain.)

You can use your knowledge of her favourite perfumes to advantage. Women usually have a favourite “perfume family” which they tend to stick to; so take note of the types of perfumes that she wears. Are they light and delicate? Deep and spicy? Very floral? Herby? Tell a member of staff behind the counter of a department store/perfume shop your girlfriend’s favourite perfume and ask them to recommend a beautiful perfume in a similar perfume family.


2) Think about her style and personality.

If you have no idea what kinds of perfumes your girlfriend likes (or maybe she only wears them rarely or can’t afford designer ones) then it is helpful to think about her general style and personality.

Here are a few ideas to start you off:

Classically elegant? Chanel “No 5” (Chanel), Miss Dior (Dior), Joy (Jean Patou), Caleche (Hermes), Amarige (Givenchy), Amarinthine (Penhaligons), Dark Amber and Gingerlily (Jo Malone)

Sweet and romantic? Honour Woman (Amouge), Valentina (Valentino), Romance (Ralph Lauren), Sheer Beautiful (Estee Lauder), Ellenisia (Penhaligons), Grand Amour (Annick Goutal), Frangipani (Jayne Ormonde), Nectarine Blossom and Honey/Red Roses (Jo Malone)

Sporty/doesn’t wear a lot of makeup? Polo for Women (Ralph Lauren), Tommy Girl (Tommy Hilfinger), Juniper Sling (Penhaligons), D’Orange Vert (Hermes), Eau de Sud (Annick Goutal, Lime, Basil and Mandarin/Earl Grey and Cucumber (Jo Malone)

Exotic and mysterious? Malabah (Penhaligons), Opium (Yves Saint Laurent), Poison (Dior), Belle D’Opium (Yves Saint Laurent, Mandragore Pourpre (Annick Goutal), Nutmeg and Ginger (Jo Malone), Reckless (Roja Dove), Royal Oud (Creed)

Quirky and different? Feerie (Van Cleef and Arpels), Angel (Thierry Mugler), Heure Exquise (Annick Goutal) Artemisia (Penhaligons), Lady Vengeance (Juliette has a gun), Flowers Barrow (Gorilla Perfumes), Blue Aguave and Cacau (Jo Malone)

Bohemian and laid back? Nuit Etoilee (Annick Goutal), Zizonia (Penhaligons), Wild Thing/Summer of Love/Flower Girl/Groovy/Spring (Rich Hippy), Sun/Furze (Gorilla Perfumes/Lush), Wild Bluebell/Amber and Patchouli (Jo Malone)

3) You could just ask her!

Admittedly this is not quite so romantic as choosing a perfume for her on your own initiative. However she is likely to understand and be sympathetic to the fact that you are a man and perfumes are probably not your forte! If she likes perfumes, as most girls do, then she will simply be delighted that you want to buy her such a lovely gift.

If your girlfriend is a particularly fussy or practical type then this may well be your safest option. At least you know your perfume will be one that she will actually wear; and if she is very practical and never actually wears perfume then this would be her opportunity to tell you this too!

4) Take a risk!

As a woman I like to try new perfumes and I like to be surprised; so actually rather than being asked I would rather have my boyfriend choose something by himself. If he had no idea what I liked then I would be delighted if he took a risk and chose something anyway – maybe thinking about the scents that he personally likes and what he thought might suit me.

I’d be touched that he had really put some thought into it; and even if I wasn’t that keen on his choice I would wear it sometimes to please him as I know he must have liked it himself to pick it out!

5) Let her design her own perfume! This is the ultimate luxury perfume experience. Ideally she would visit a perfume house for an in depth briefing and smell lots of different and exotic fragrances before a master perfumer would spend several weeks creating her unique custom perfume. Alternatively she could design her own signature perfume online in our Perfume Studio!

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