FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions About Our Unique Design Your Own Perfume Service


Do you post worldwide?

Yes, we do! Please be a little patient though as delivery times may vary depending on where you are. We are based in the UK.

All shipping charges for the UK, Europe, America, and Australia are included in our prices. Please contact us if you live elsewhere as we'd love to make your perfume but will need to check up on shipping times/prices etc. 

Lady with bespoke perfume
What are DesignYourOwnPerfume.co.uk Custom Fragrances?

Our professional perfumer will replicate the ancient art of perfumery, creating a personalised fragrance through the skillful blending of your chosen essential and perfume oils. No two scents will be the same, and the recipient will engage in the creative process by carefully choosing their favourite scents online. Unlike many other similar companies, YOU actually design the perfume; so whilst we may use a little artistic license here and there regarding ratios etc. for improvement, we will use your chosen scents to form the framework of your perfume. You design the perfume YOURSELF!

Will my perfume contain just my 3 chosen notes?

No. A balanced and long lasting perfume is a blend of many different fragrances- and commercial perfumes always contain more than 3 notes. To produce a sophisticated perfume creation for you we may use our professional experience to add other fragrances which will complement and form a background to your chosen three scents. This background will not dominate your 3 fragrance choices- rather it will be detectable in that you sense that your perfume feels rounded and characterful. 

Unlike other perfume design companies we do not use a ready made "base"; we create one especially for you- as everyone's fragrance choices are different. So you really will possess a completely unique signature perfume!

Can I add more than 3 notes to my perfume?

We encourage up to three choices as this provides an interesting variety and contrast of dominant accents without becoming overwhelming. However, we are accommodating people and we aim to please- so if you'd like to add additional scents you will have the opportunity to make a note of this when you order and we will see what we can do!

How can I order an Oil Based Perfume?

You will have the opportunity to choose either an oil based or commercial style of perfume when you order. So if you would like a lovely natural and nourishing perfume to be kind to your skin we'll be very happy to make it for you.

Our oil based perfumes are made with Sweet Almond oil- which is a beautifully light, pale golden coloured oil. 

**Please note, due to shipping regulations, all perfumes posted outside of the UK will be presented as an oil based perfume. 

Are DesignYourOwnPerfume.co.uk Custom Fragrances just for women?

Absolutely not! Our custom designed perfumes are made for both women and men- and complimentary fragrances are often designed for couples upon request, with both parties providing input as to their preferences.

Can I create a single or two note perfume?

Yes, you can! You can choose up to 3 different fragrances- but if you just want a one or two note perfume, just input "NONE" into the appropriate boxes when you design your perfume.

Do I have to use the suggested top notes, middle notes, and base notes listed?

No! We provide the lists as a guideline, as in general a well balanced perfume tends to have fragrances across all of these categories. However you may choose any fragrance from our fragrance list as any of your notes.

What do Esscentual Fragrances contain?

It's up to you!

We offer two options-

1) Commercial Style (using similar ingredients to commercial shop-bought perfumes, such as Dior, but without many of the harmful additives and Parabens.) Esscentual Commercial Style Fragrances contain a perfumers purified alcohol base, Vegetable Glycerine (a natural preservative and scent fixative), and varying amounts of top quality essential and fragrance oils.

2) Traditional Style (a more natural perfume, as favoured by the ancient Greeks etc.) Here top quality essential and fragrance oils are blended carefully in a grapeseed or sweet almond oil base, using natural fixatives such as Sandalwood or Benzoin, where appropriate. Oil based perfumes are good for your skin, and therapeutic; although the scent will not be quite as long lasting due to the lack of preservatives, and it will need the occasional shake to keep the oils all mixed up beautifully.

Please do let us know if you have any known allergies, as we are happy to accommodate these where possible.

**Please note, due to shipping regulations, all perfumes posted outside of the UK will be presented as an oil based perfume. 

How will my perfume be packaged?

Your perfume will be attractively packaged in a bottle that we feel is appropriate for the personality of your signature scent.

10ml Roll On Perfumes are presented in a pretty glass roll on bottle with a silver lid. 

Gift wrapping comes as standard- we have some beautiful organza ribbons and gift bags. 

What will happen when I order my custom fragrance?

Upon receipt of a custom fragrance order we will start work on your bespoke perfume asap. Your completed perfume should  arrive within 10 days. International orders may take a little longer. This is a bespoke product, please be patient.

How long does it take to get a custom fragrance?

Turnaround time for custom made fragrance is approximately 10 days from order to delivery- international deliveries may take a little longer. We can speed this process up upon request, but in general, we don't like to rush something so important, as we like to spend time thinking about your perfume to create a blend that really works.

How long will my
DesignYourOwnPerfume.co.uk  custom fragrance last on the skin?

Your Esscentual custom fragrance won't contain any of the synthetic extender nasties found in commercial perfumes, so your natural perfume will last about two hours before gently fading away. Your perfume is complex, and will evolve fascinatingly as you wear it, with different notes coming to the forefront like a symphony of smell.

How long does a
DesignYourOwnPerfume.co.uk custom fragrance last in the bottle?

Like a good wine, your custom fragrance is likely to improve with age, settling into a deeper and more complex character.

Where should I apply my
DesignYourOwnPerfume.co.uk custom fragrance?

Perfume is traditionally applied to pulse points, such as the wrists, neck, and even cleavage for a romantic night out. Hair is another often underlooked and seductive place to put perfume- as it acts as a natural fixative and wafts around you as you move.

Why are
DesignYourOwnPerfume.co.uk custom fragrances more expensive than some shop bought perfumes?

Here at Esscentual fragrances we use only the very best, choosing natural essential oils rather than synthetics whenever they are available and in line with IFRA guidelines regarding concentrations. (Some fragrances, for instance lilac and sweetpea, are only available as synthetics as the flowers themselves contain so little essential oil it is impossible to collect in viable quantities. Another notable exception is Musk- we would always use a synthetic here for ethical reasons.)

We offer a true luxury product, relying on nature to provide a vastly superior scent. This means we use only the highest quality ingredients- and many botanical fragrance essences used in natural perfume cost between £1,200 and £9,000 per kilo.

What are top, middle, and base notes in perfumery?

On the basis of their relative volatility (how long they remain perceptable) fragrances are classified as either top, middle, or base "notes", so it really is like a symphony of delicious fragrance... 

Top notes- these reach our sense of smell first, forming an initial first impression and then dissipating relatively quickly.

Middle notes-
these form the real "heart" of the fragrance and are commonly floral, imparting warmth and fullness.

Base notes-
intense base notes evolve over time and remain when all the other smells have faded. They are heady, thick, sometimes mysterious, and often derived from barks, resins, saps and grasses.

Do you offer a guarantee?

We are sorry but as this is a bespoke service we are unable to provide refunds; your perfume was handmade especially for you and cannot be resold- however we will of course send you a replacement/refund if your perfume is mislaid by the goblins in the post office or if it arrives broken.

Will I like my new custom perfume?

We very much hope that you will! Please do remember though that this is a fun service offered online, and although most perfumes turn out very well, it is just possible that your perfume may not smell quite as you imagined it. This is because without meeting you in person we are unable to know eactly what your own personal fragrance preferences are; and it is not always easy for you to imagine the end result of your perfume mixology without having the scents in front of you.

In spite of this, we have had lots of good feedback from our lovely customers- and really hope that you will be surprised and delighted with your perfume creation!

What is the postage charge?

All shipping charges for the UK, Europe, America, and Australia are included in our prices. Please contact us if you live elsewhere as we'd love to make your perfume but will need to check up on shipping times/prices etc. 

How can I pay?

We accept Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and American Express. Your credit card payment is processed via Paypal Secure Transaction (you don't need a PayPal account for this).

Can I reorder my custom fragrance?


Can I get my custom fragrance as a body lotion or in a larger volume as a trade order?

Yes, you can! Please contact us for more information.

Do you respect customers privacy?

Of course. Your information is never given to a third party, and you can unsubscribe from email updates etc. at any time.

How do I learn more?

Please contact us with any questions- and subscribe to our email newsletter for occasional updates. You can email us anytime at sylvan@esscentualfragrance.co.uk or fill out the simple contact form here.