Elegant Soliflores

A timelessly elegant Soliflore (single flower) perfume is a perfume created especially to capture the spirit of a single flower or fragrance essence. You may wish to choose something classically romantic like the Damask Rose or Peony, however many people appreciate the chance to have a Soliflore perfume made of a more unusual flower such as Honeysuckle or Blue Lotus (or any other fragrance like Wild Berries!) as there are so many beautiful fragrance oils vailable online.

A particularly appropriate idea is to reflect your wedding bouquet and floral choices in your perfume wedding favours.

Please note, your perfume doesn't have to be floral- a single note perfume can also be inspired by a fruit or any other scent if you wish. 

Soliflore Perfumes for you to choose from: 

Ylang Ylang

A beautiful fruity floral with a heady, sweet, and strong fragrance. Ylang Ylang is native to Asia and reminiscent of Jasmine; the exotic yellow flower is considered an aphrodisiac.


Traditionally associated with romance, the heady and exotic fragrance of Jasmine adds a real element of luxury and femininity to any perfume. In India, Jasmine is known as “moonlight of the grove”as the flowers open at night.


Tuberose is an exotic night blooming white flower, native to Mexico, and highly valued for it's honey-like and intoxicating perfume. In some cultures it's name means “scent of the night” and “King of Fragrance.”


According to Celtic lore the Elder tree has links with the faerie world. The delicate creamy flowers from this magical tree yield a subtle and sweet summer fragrance.

Lily Of The Valley

Lily of The Valley or Muguet is a woodland plant with delicate white flowers, like little bells, which yield a fresh and intoxicating fragrance.


Lilac or Syringa has beautiful light purple or pink petals that are highly attractive to butterflies, with a delicately summery scent.


Geraniums have vivid red, orange, pink, and purple petals; with an uplifting, stimulating and fruity scent, and hints of rose and mint.

Tea Rose

The lush, sweet scent of rose is a classic and timeless favourite in perfumery. Roses are the ultimate romantic symbol of love and beauty. Tea rose is a light and delicately scented white rose, with a suggestion of sparkling Lady Grey tea.

Damask Rose

The lush, sweet scent of rose is a classic and timeless favourite in perfumery. Roses are the ultimate romantic symbol of love and beauty. Red damask rose is deep and intoxicating, with sensual depths hinting at warm spices and passion.


These delicate white blossoms from the Bitter Orange Tree yield a complex, sweet scent, with an invigorating citrusy heart. Neroli is a popular addition to masculine fragrances and it is an ingredient of Eau de Cologne.


Lavender flowers are purple, lilac, or blue, and have a confident, cooling, and summery scent. Lavender oil is considered to possess relaxing properties. It is also popular in masculine fragrances.


This delicate and elegant flower has a light, crisp, refreshing scent- akin to summer lilacs after a light rain. Water lilies or Lotuses are associated in Egyptian mythology with the Sun God, Ra.


The sweet and optimistic scent of tall sunflowers will bring a smile to everyone!


The elusive and enchanting scent of wild violets whispers of gathering wild flowers in the spring with your sweetheart.


The cheerful yellow trumpets of the spring Daffodil are sweetly scented and herald the promise of summer.


Daisies have an uplifting and innocent scent, reminiscent of daisy chains and endless summer afternoons.


The exotic Gardenia flower has pure white petals and a lively, sweet fragrance.

Cherry Blossom

Cherry tree boughs are laden with thousands of pink blossoms in the summer, with a delicate and sensual scent.


The fuzzy golden pom-pom flowers of the Mimosa or “Autumn Sun” have a heady and joyful fragrance.


The frilly pink petals of the peony unfurl to release a lusciously romantic fragrance.


Elegant and colourful tulips send up a cheerfully inspiring scent.

Sweet Pea

These vividly coloured petals in shades of blue, purple, and pink have a light, sweet, and playful fragrance.

Frangipani (or Plumeria)

A delicate, fresh and heady white blossom.