Discover Your Perfume Personality

Choosing perfume, and finding a perfume you love is an adventure!


Design your own perfume today


Everybody has completely unique preferences when it comes to fragrance. A scent beloved by one person may well turn out to be anathema to another…


It is difficult to generalise on such a varied topic as perfume – so the best thing you can probably do to discover your perfume personality, if you have the time, is to visit a department store and try out as many of the wonderful perfumes on offer as you can. It’s probably best to use the paper strips that you are offered or your nose will be completely overwhelmed (and so will your family be when you get home!)


Note down which perfumes you love, and also which ones you’re not so keen on. When you have tried a good number you can do a little research online – you will probably find that the perfumes you like share similar characteristics, either in choices of note, or in the fragrance families contained within them, or even in the perfumer/perfume house who designed them.


In a similar vein, you may find that there are certain notes which recur in some of your least favourite perfumes. You will know then to avoid these particular notes in future!


It might help you to consider your own personality when considering different perfumes. This can be a little subjective of course, but it is generally agreed that certain types of perfumes are more in line with certain types of personality.


What kind of personality do you have?


A classically elegant kind of person may enjoy refined and beautiful classics such as: Chanel “No 5” (Chanel), Miss Dior (Dior), Joy (Jean Patou), Caleche (Hermes), Amarige (Givenchy), Amarinthine (Penhaligons), and Dark Amber and Gingerlily (Jo Malone).


A sweet ad romantic character may enjoys scents like: Honour Woman (Amouge), Valentina (Valentino), Romance (Ralph Lauren), Sheer Beautiful (Estee Lauder), Ellenisia (Penhaligons), Grand Amour (Annick Goutal), Frangipani (Jayne Ormonde), Nectarine Blossom and Honey/Red Roses (Jo Malone).


If you are sporty or minimalistic and don’t wear a lot of makeup etc. you may prefer: Polo for Women (Ralph Lauren), Tommy Girl (Tommy Hilfinger), Juniper Sling (Penhaligons), D’Orange Vert (Hermes), Eau de Sud (Annick Goutal, Lime, Basil and Mandarin/Earl Grey and Cucumber (Jo Malone)

design your own unique perfume today.

An exotic and mysterious individual should appreciate: Malabah (Penhaligons), Opium (Yves Saint Laurent), Poison (Dior), Belle D’Opium (Yves Saint Laurent, Mandragore Pourpre (Annick Goutal), Nutmeg and Ginger (Jo Malone), Reckless (Roja Dove), Royal Oud (Creed)


Quirky and a little bit different? Try: Feerie (Van Cleef and Arpels), Angel (Thierry Mugler), Heure Exquise (Annick Goutal) Artemisia (Penhaligons), Lady Vengeance (Juliette has a gun), Flowers Barrow (Gorilla Perfumes), Blue Aguave and Cacau (Jo Malone).


The bohemian and laid back amongst us should love: Nuit Etoilee (Annick Goutal), Zizonia (Penhaligons), Wild Thing/Summer of Love/Flower Girl/Groovy/Spring (Rich Hippy), Sun/Furze (Gorilla Perfumes/Lush), Wild Bluebell/Amber and Patchouli (Jo Malone).


Ask your Nose next time you are in a department store or perfume boutique!


Hopefully you will enjoy trying some of these perfumes that match your personality – and even better, have discovered some all of your own.


Don’t forget to take a risk though - perfume has the power to surprise us! Maybe there is some suppressed element of your personality just waiting to be expressed, let out by your beautiful choice of perfume…


design your own unique perfume today.