New Year, New You, New Perfume? 

Due to popular demand we're delighted to announce that we have planned several "Design Your Own Perfume" workshops for the New Year.

The dates for these workshops are:

St Albans (Saturday 12th January)- Not far from London!

Exeter(Saturday the 19th January)

Truro (Sunday 20th January)

Locations are to be confirmed but they will be appropriate and hopefully a little bit special.

Places are limited so book your place today! 

Design Your Own Perfume Workshop

£ 65 

Book your place today! Upon receipt of your payment we will email you a confirmation letter and will contact you to confirm whether you wish to attend the St Albans, Exeter, or Truro workshop. Thank you!

Workshop Information: 

Design Your Own Perfume Workshop

January 2013: 4 Hour Workshop: £65

This fun and very “hands on” introduction to perfumery will give the opportunity to learn more about the process of natural perfumery, and participants will be able to design their own unique signature perfume using a wide variety of fragrance and essential oils.

The workshop will be hosted by Sylvan Frith, the owner of, who is an enthusiastic natural perfumer with many years experience.

All materials and equipment needed are included and the workshop is suitable for complete beginners. All you need is a nose and a love of perfume!


Topics covered:

·         Introduction: Meet and greet! This is your opportunity to introduce the group to one of your favourite perfumes...

·         Around the World in 80 Days- A whistle stop tour of the History of Perfume.

·         Discovering your fragrance personality: Scent Testers will be passed around so that each participant may begin to discover which smells they resonate with and which they don’t like so much.

·         Creating a “Mood Board” or “Perfume Brief”- The starting point for your perfume creation.

·         A Symphony of Smell: Understanding Perfume notes and accords, perfume families, and fixatives

·         Quick Practical Assignment: Participants are challenged to create a very simple mini three note perfume to encapsulate an idea or concept.

·         Cosmetic Safety and the Law: Perfume concentrations and natural chemicals you should know about and respect.

·         Design Your Own Signature Perfume: This is where you get to create your very own unique perfume

·         Finally, Decorate Your Bottle!


By the end of the workshop you will:

Have practised blending top, middle, and base perfume notes to create a perfume that is uniquely yours.

Have learnt a little more about perfume creation, perfume families, perfume history, and cosmetic safety.

Have discovered some of your favourite perfume notes.

Have hopefully acquired or developed a passion for perfume!


Further Notes:

If you have a favourite fragrance then it would be wonderful if you could bring it along to introduce to the group. We will be very careful with it- just spraying once on a perfume testing strip so that others can experience your favourite perfume. This is a great way to break the ice and get to know each other!

Please wear old clothes or bring an apron as this is a practical workshop.

We regret this workshop may not be suitable for anyone with lung problems/allergies as we will be working with fragrance oils.

In the event of cancellation by Esscentual Fragrance all monies shall be refunded.