Design Your Own Oil Based Perfume Recipe: Summer Dream 

This simple but lovely perfume is like a summer breeze in Provence; with zingy citrus notes, and fresh cut roses and lavender. The majority of the oils used in the recipe are fairly readily available and can be picked up in most health shops. Rose is more expensive, but it’s definitely worth investing in as it’s just such a timeless and lovely fragrance!

What you need:

A beautiful bottle!
Rose, Lime, Lavender, and Vanilla Essential Oils.
A good base oil such as Sweet Almond, Jojoba, or Grapeseed oil.
A dropper or a pipette.
Some small jars for mixing your “jus” or perfume concentrate- preferably with lids so that you can give them a good shake; or if they don’t have lids just find an old teaspoon or something to stir them with!


Pour a very little of your base oil  into one of your small mixing jars, and slowly add your Rose, Lime, Lavender and Vanilla essential oils drop by drop, stirring as you go…
Your finished “jus” is a matter of personal preference, so the most important thing to do is to come up with a scent combination you really love!
Personally I’d go for a relatively large amount of Rose and Vanilla, perhaps 14 drops for 20ml of perfume, and a relatively sparing amount of Lime and Lavender, as these scents, though lovely, are quite “domineering!”
Your concentrations will depend on whether you are going for an Eau de Parfum (15-22% essential oils to base), an Eau de Toilette (8-15%), or an Eau Fraiche (1-3%)
When you’ve made your perfect perfume concentrate, all you have to do is top it up with your base oil and put it in a beautiful bottle- then Voila, your very own simple perfume, it’s as easy as that!

Have fun!