Become A Representative

 If you would like to earn some extra money on your own terms then you may be interested in our Representative opportunity-

The Advantages Of Becoming A Representative:

  • The opportunity to earn some extra money at your own pace and in your own time.
  • Excellent commission rates - we offer 40% commission on all sales.
  • A new and interesting product - you will be offering a unique service - we are a small start up company, no one else in your area can offer this.
  • A personalised product. A custom perfume is emotionally more interesting than a generic lipstick or beauty product.
  • No upfront spend or fees, or buying of stock. You can become a valued Representative with no initial outlay or investment. All you need is a colour printer and some friends and relations to sell to!
  • No committment - download our materials, decide whether this opportunity is right for you. At a later date you may decide to purchase physical samples of the product, (we automatically send a free sample to any seller who reaches four customers) but for the moment our printable document, with full details of our scent varieties and pictures of the product is all that you need - think of this as a physical version of our website which you can show to others.
  • We operate online so it's incredibly simple to get started - sell a product, then just go online to the link that we will give you after you register to log your sale and thereby receive your commission.

What will Happen When I sign Up to Become a Representative?

Upon receipt of your contact form we will send you a link to our downloadable and printable materials. We will also send you a secret link to our Representatives portal, where you may log any orders and receive your commission.

Commission at the moment is:

40% for the sale of 10ml Custom Perfumes and 40% for the sale of 50ml custom perfumes.

This works at £4.60 and £12.50 respectively.

There is also potential for wholesale Wedding and Party Favours sale commission after you have become a little more established. This allows you to sell in greater bulk and make even more money.

You've really got nothing to lose!

How To start

To become a Representative, please complete the following short form - we will be in contact within the next working day with our downloadable and printable marketing materials, and a link to our Representatives portal:

Become a Representative

I would like to become a Representative

This is not a get rich quick scheme, but if you have a network of friends and family and a little determination, you could definitely make some money selling our unique custom made perfume! It's a new product and using social or real world networking you could gain rewards from selling something a little different and highly personalised. Our commission is excellent and as a start up company we really do value your support.

Coming Soon:

Tips For Selling Custom Perfume