About Us 

DesignYourOwnPerfume.co.uk is an exciting new fragrance design company based in Cornwall, with the aim of creating affordable bespoke perfume to enhance originality and natural beauty in an increasingly generic world.

Our Philosophy 

We believe that the Natural Beauty of a moody seascape; with the wild glints of silvery light from a break in the gathering clouds will always be a thousand times more breathtaking and authentic than any man made artifice. 

So we like to keep things as close to how nature intended as possible.

  •  We use Soil Association Certified Organic Corn Grain Alcohol as the main component in our Perfumers base.
  • We favour real essential oils whenever possible, and many of these are organic. If we say Mandarin for instance, we mean Mandarin, not a synthetic alternative; which gives your perfume a deeper, more complex note than those found in many commercial perfumes.
  • We never use synthetic extender nasties or synthetic fixatives, and your perfume will be paraben free. Benzoin and other natural fixatives help to give your perfume staying power.
  • We appreciate the environment too much to ruin it, so we don't believe in excessive packaging. Your perfume bottle will be made of glass, which we trust you'll be an angel and take to the bottle bank- and your perfume will be beautifully but simply presented in an elegant organza bag with a ribbon- both of which can be reused.

Based in beautiful Cornwall, beside the rugged cliff tops and the roaring ocean, we know that true luxury is never-ending freedom! The freedom to be your best self, the freedom to wander and explore, the freedom to do what you love and gasp in wonder at the view...We hope we can translate some of this wild, exhilarating luxury to your bespoke perfume blend.