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There is something very alluring about the idea of creating your own perfume. It is such a special and highly individual beauty product that many people dream of making their own, consulting their own unique perfume preferences. The gentle waft of a much loved perfume triggers emotions, memories, and captures the essence of the individual, a tantalizing scent enveloping like a caress...Lingering a little after you are gone...

As a passionate independent Perfumer I experimented in the past with creating custom perfumes for people online. This was fun, but very time consuming as people are so passionate about perfume and wanted to really get involved! Over time it became clear to me that the most appropriate and fitting gift I could offer others was the opportunity to help them to unleash their OWN creative abilities and rely on their OWN "Nose" to make their own perfume for themselves. For no one knows better than YOU how to make your perfect custom perfume - and EVERYONE can learn to become a natural perfumer.

This site is a resource for the budding perfumer/maker of scented products. Here I hope to both pass on the skills to create sumptuous and heavenly products, with projects, tips and more; and also to provide detailed information regarding the law and other technicalities for all the fabulous beauty entrepreneurs out there!

I also include links to my favourite, tried and tested, raw materials for perfume making- so that you can feel safe that you are using the very best tools for the job! By purchasing perfume supplies from me you are helping me to maintain this resource and fund my own "Perfume Habit", so I really do appreciate your valued custom.

Relax, dream, and let your spirit and imagination SOAR! Who do you want to be? How will your perfume reflect your incredible one of a kind charisma?

Happy Perfume Making! 


Our Popular Products: 

Perfumers Base

I love this product - it's the perfect base for a commercial style denatured alcohol perfume, like Dior. Smaller quantities are available, but it's better value to go all out and get 1 litre if you're interested in making several perfumes. This allows for lots of experimentation!
  • Base for perfume making
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Just add fragrance and essential oils
  • Produces clear perfumes
  • Can also be used for room-sprays and diffusers

50ml Glass Empty Refillable Perfume Bottle

This is a very elegant perfume bottle - perfect for your new creation!
  • Exquisite refillable perfume bottle makes your fragrance lasting
  • Can be used to load perfume and essential oil
  • With lid to keep nozzle clean and avoid leaking
  • Easy to refill with funnel or syringe
  • Clear glass enables you to see the quantity remaining in bottle clearly

YOU Choose The Notes- YOU Create The Perfume!

Discover your very own unique, one of a kind perfume, designed especially for you or a loved one anywhere in the world.

You will have the unique experience of creating your own personal fragrance by choosing from our huge selection of  top quality perfume and essential oils, fragrance bases, beautiful bottles and more...

You can then blend your own specially chosen fragrance oils at home to create your beautiful signature scent! 

We have everything you need to design your own perfume, including lots of perfume tips and advice for the budding new "Nose".

You can choose from our wide variety of pretty atomiser and roll on bottles to display your perfume. You may even like to make custom perfumes as presents for your family and friends because custom perfume makes a really special and thoughtful gift!

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Tips For Creating A Beautiful Perfume - Some hints on how to choose great scent combinations


Welcome to We are a perfume and scented products company in the UK where you can literally choose and buy your own notes for your own very special perfume creation. We provide perfume bases, essential and fragrance oils and absolutes. Everything the hobby perfumer or creator of scented products needs. YOU design your perfume exactly how you would like it to be- YOU create a completely unique fragrance from our selection of  exciting scents. Stand out, be different- design your own perfume!